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Welcome to Massage For Health & Laser Hair Removal Clinic
Massage for health & laser hair removal Clinic Inc. Sells gift certificates & Wheat bags, Certified,licensed & registered therapists 100% secure online shopping.
Welcome to Massage For Health & Laser Hair Removal Clinic, we have been an established business since 1987 we have expanded our services throughout the years offering many health modalities eg.myofascial release & cupping,pregnancy massage,~~~Soprano laser hair removal,ear candling,ionic foot bath,organic facials & reflexology . All of our staff our trained professionals.
Testimonial I have to honestly say that Laser Hair removal has made my life so much easier! I pretty much referred to myself as half human/ half monkey when it came to keeping up with shaving my dark- haired legs EVERYDAY! . Because I am and always have been an avid backpacker and camper, having to shave everyday was embarrasing and pretty tricky. The worst part was I would shave in the morning and have stumble by nightfall. ( very annoying and it made me self conscious). I noticed after about the second treatment with Laser that my hair was growing in slower and softer by the 5th treatment I realized I now shave once every three months or so!

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